• This map exposes just how much you require to make to purchase a flat in Cyprus.

    The property buying procedure in Cyprus explained

    Having actually chosen to buy a property in Cyprus, you now need to take action on those dreams and get the ball rolling. What’s your next step? Here we describe the buying procedure and what to expect.

    Estate representatives in Cyprus

    There are hundreds of estate representatives throughout Cyprus, from Peyla and Paphos in the east to Larnaca and Limassol in the west, in addition to Ayia Napa and the capital Nicosia. Numerous will be geared towards British buyers and will speak English.

    All will have a mind-blowing portfolio of properties to reveal you. Having stated that, there should be place for spontaneity in your property viewing too.

    See Property For Sale in Cyprus Now

    With the pound-euro rate moving rapidly, you need to secure your spending plan. Read the Property Purchaser’s Guide to Currency.
    A great start will be to view iListers. With more than 11,000 homes on its books to suit all tastes and budget plans, it will offer you a clear idea of what is available here.

    Estate agent associations

    For peace of mind, check that your picked estate agent is accredited and regulated. Are they members of the International Property Federation FIABCI, or the Cyprus Realty Agents Association (CREAA)? They must be certified as a Real Estate Agency and preferably registered in the Council of Cyprus Real Estate Agents, which is governed under Cypriot Law.

    Inspect that your chosen estate representative is certified and managed.

    You can check on an estate agent’s registration simply by asking for their registration number and checking it on the site.

    You’ll discover that the majority of regulated and authentic agents are members of the CREAA. This organisation is among the most pro-active on the island in keeping an eye on those that are operating illegally as ‘consultants’ or as ‘property finders’. As a member of the CREAA, estate representative members must have indemnity insurance.


    Once you have chosen an area and estate representative, guarantee they show you as several homes as possible to get a good feel for the location. Another

    If you’re thinking about restorations, ask the estate agent for their ideas on the additional expense. Certainly they need to have the ability to advise reliable local tradespeople.

    When viewing homes don’t be scared to ask as numerous concerns as you like. Does the property have a regular supply of electricity?

    Utilize a legal representative

    Discovering an independent English-speaking lawyer who is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association must be at the top of your to-do list. In the long run, your legal representative might conserve you lots of money. They will assist you through the legal aspects of buying and selling property in Cyprus, and assist you do so securely. GOV.UK publishes a beneficial list of List of English-speaking legal representatives in Cyprus.

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    The Buying Process


    Step One

    Having actually viewed the property and being definitely sure you wish to buy it, it’s time to put in a quote. When accepted, the representative will take the property off the marketplace, normally for one month. You might be asked to sign a reservation arrangement, which reveals your dedication to buy the property, and put down a small deposit. Consult your lawyer before signing anything or sending the money. It might be a couple of thousand euros, or a little percentage of the property’s value, but you will need to know under what scenarios you will get it repaid if the deal fails. Preferably, this deposit will be kept in a neutral account.

    Step 2

    During this period your lawyer will checks the appropriate paperwork and conduct different searches. One of the most important will have to do with ownership and title deeds, which has been been a vexed problem in Cyprus. You require to understand that the supplier is the rightful owner of the property.

    They will look to see if there are any debts/loans on the property, and any exemptions that may prevent the property sale. This has also been a common problem in recent years. Your attorney will be examine the proper preparation approvals have actually been obtained from the local authorities if it is a new property.

    Your lawyer needs to ensure the sale contract is deposited with the Lands Office. In the case of a new development where deeds won’t be provided until the property is finished, the sale of agreement ought to show that the property is protected up until a separate title deed is provided.

    Provided no issues emerge from the legal searches, your legal representative will prepare a property sales contract.

    Step Three

    Provided no concerns develop from the legal searches, your legal representative will prepare a property sales contract. Next, they will ensure it is authorized by all celebrations in the deal. This will require to be marked and signed up by the Lands Office.

    The reason for this is two-fold. First of all it prevents the seller from selling the property to anyone else. It prevents them from using the property as security to gain a mortgage or loan. The Particular Efficiency Law, as it is understood, likewise safeguards the buyer before the deeds are formalised in their name.

    At the same time, you will require to transfer a proportion of the agreed property price. You can also spend for the energies to be connected at this phase if needed. During this time it is vital to safeguard your budget plan from currency motions. If you do not, you could discover that unfavorable currency exchange rate changes leave the property costing you thousands more when you concern complete. Throughout the past two years, in almost 60% of the time the pound lost its value throughout the following month.

    Step Four

    Your lawyer will also release a request to the Council of Ministers for Cyprus, for the entire property acquisition. They will also prepare an application for the minimized BARREL rate of 5%.

    Step Five

    The final stage includes obtaining the Title Deeds from the Regional Land Chamber in the presence of the seller and buyer. You must obtain a receipt proving the registration charge and registration of real estate tax have been paid.

    Throughout this last, the Title Deeds transfer charge will have to be paid. Once in invoice of them you are the owner of the property.

    You can now apply to the similarity the water and electrical power authorities to transfer the utilities into your name.


    Find a reputable structure inspector when you begin this procedure, just as you would an estate attorney, agent or currency specialist. It could save you a great deal of cash going forward. A structure study isn’t a legal requirement here but nor is it in the UK, where you would not imagine not having actually one conducted.

    Your legal representative ought to have the ability to recommend a registered property surveyor, who must be a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK), and a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

    Buying expenses

    In addition to the concurred prices on the property, you require to factor these extra costs into your spending plan. Ideally, you need to spending plan approximately 15% of the purchase rate to make sure all taxes and costs are covered.

    Land Registry Charges: generally managed by your legal representative, these are tend to be minimal.

    Legal Fees: when using a legal representative for the conveyancing of the property and documentation with regional authorities, you require to reserve about 1% of the property rate.

    Regional Property Tax: this is payable to neighborhoods and towns. The tax is calculated on the Land Register’s assessment of the worth of the property in 2013.

    Property Transfer Fees: no property costs are payable if BARREL was paid on the purchase cost of the property. Property transfer costs are halved to 50% if VAT was not paid. But if the Land Register office thinks about the price on the agreement is underestimated and not in line with the marketplace worth of the property, the full property transfer charge might be levied.

    Stamp Responsibility: this is calculated on the worth of the purchase arrangement and presently set at the following rate: EUR0 to EUR5,000– zero; EUR5,001 to EUR170,000– 0.15% greater than EUR170,000– 0.2%.

    Value Included Tax: VAT, as of 2018, is charged at 19% on the very first property purchase. A lowered rate of 5% is charged on the first 200 sqm of the property to be used as the buyer’s permanent and primary house for ten years. BARREL is charged at 19% for the remaining square meterage.

    Sales Agent’s fees: typically divided evenly in between the buyer and seller. These can be anything from 2 to 5% of the list prices.

    Inheritance and Immovable Real Estate Tax: there is no estate tax on property in Cyprus and the Immovable Property Tax payable to the Tax Department was axed in 2017.

    Property Insurance: If you want credit from a Cypriot bank, you will require to obtain property insurance. Nonetheless, it is one of the ‘covert costs’ that is ignored by buyers when they get the property in their name. You can shop around for property insurance as you would do in the UK.

    They will look to see if there are any debts/loans on the property, and any exemptions that may impede the property sale. Your lawyer will also provide a demand to the Council of Ministers for Cyprus, for the whole property acquisition. Property Transfer Charges: no property fees are payable if BARREL was paid on the purchase rate of the property. If the Land Register office thinks about the rate on the contract is underestimated and not in line with the market worth of the property, the complete property transfer cost might be levied.

    Property Insurance: If you want credit from a Cypriot bank, you will need to acquire property insurance coverage.

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