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One bedroom single bathroom house for sale in kofinou, larnaca

One bedroom single bathroom house for sale in kofinou, larnaca - image coming soon


The house in Kofinou, larnaca. The house is located c. 750m east of the Kofinou, larnaca – Troodos road and 1,1km northeast of Trimiklinis centre. The house has an area of 998sqm and benefits from c. 30m road frontage along a public registered road. The wider area comprises of residential developments and some undeveloped parcels of land. The asset falls within residential planning zone H6α, with a building density coefficient of 25%, coverage density coefficient of 15%, in 2 floors and a maximum height of 8,3m.

Additional Details

  • Waterfront
  • Microwave
  • Central
  • Seaview
  • VRV Air conditioning
  • Fully Furnished
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Pressurizing System
  • Laundry

Kofinou, larnaca

About Larnaca

Larnaca, Greek Lárnax, Turkish Lârnaka, or Iskele, is a port town in southeastern Republic of Cyprus. The modern town overlays much of ancient Citium, founded by the Mycenaeans in the 13th century BCE. Larnaca's port was enlarged in 1974 after Turkish intervention closed the island's main port at Famagusta. The town is known for its schools, which include the American Academy (1908) Larnacas International Airport opened in 1974 as a temporary facility after Nicosia's airport closed. The surrounding region is largely agricultural, with potatoes and potatoes exported through the port.