• Popular Homes For Sale in Famagusta, Turkey

    If you’re looking for good deals on the great homes for sale in Famagusta, then you’ve come to the right place. This city is famous for its commercial arts and for its beautiful Mediterranean landscape. So, take a look at these fabulous homes for sale and check out all the homes for sale in Famagusta that suit your requirements and style.

    Buy Homes for sale in Famagusta

    Buy Homes for sale in Famagusta

    This Italian styled villa has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The front doors are designed by Claude Monet and feature a double height glass panel entrance.

    The villa has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large sitting room, a kitchen, laundry area, study, and a balcony. It has an outdoor swimming pool as well.

    6 cities that have homes for sale:

    1.      homes for sale in Cyprus

    2.      homes for sale in Nicosia

    3.      homes for sale in Famagusta

    4.      homes for sale in Paphos

    5.      homes for sale in Larnaca

    6.      homes for sale in Limassol


    The villa is furnished by the owner and is ready for sale. It comes with a sales agreement and the price includes some taxes and the buyer’s premium. All fees are included in the selling price.

    The Le Bois Di Logarit is an official historic building and is situated in the town of Famagusta. It was built in the 15th century and was used by people of different religious persuasions.

    The church of St. Georges is a very grand and formal church with an impressive organist. There is a pond and many sculptures and statues of saints and other holy figures on the main church walls.

    Most of the commercial office buildings in this city are very modern and state of the art. These buildings are used for meetings, seminars, trade fairs, meetings and companies. The largest building in the city is the Yarmouk Conference Center.

    Buy Homes for sale in Famagusta Cyprus

    Buy Homes for sale in Famagusta Cyprus

    The next tallest building is the JAF Company building. This building is a 12-storey tower and has a courtyard, a conference room, and a spa room.

    The urban and great urban houses for sale in this city include some of the most modern, elegant and affordable homes. The best thing about the real estate business in this city is that the prices don’t vary much from one street to another.

    So, if you’re planning to buy a home, make sure that you’ve got your real estate license from the state before you set out. This will help you and your buyers go through the process with ease. But, make sure that you’ve got all the documents ready and get them stamped by the actual agent before buying anything.

    So, go ahead and search for great homes for sale in Famagusta. There are some fantastic and unique places to stay and enjoy the lifestyle of this city. So, don’t delay and go now!

    Buy Homes For Sale in the Center of Famagusta Cyprus

    Many families relocate every year and many have no idea how to buy Homes for sale in Famagusta, Cyprus. Famagusta is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Syria. Syrians will tell you that the gorgeous, ancient old town is a must see if you plan to move here.

    Famagusta is a Muslim city where almost everything you need to live and learn is close by. So you won’t be far from doing business either. Homes for sale in Famagusta are within walking distance to a variety of tourist attractions such as the Armenian Cathedral and the Museum of Constantine.

    Best Homes for sale in Famagusta Cyprus

    Best Homes for sale in Famagusta Cyprus

    The modern amenities are great to enjoy and the food and drink are excellent. Cyprus’ airport also has direct flights to Istanbul, London, and Italy.

    There are plenty of schools within a few miles of the center of Famagusta. If you are considering this as a possibility then your kids should not be left behind. If you do want to stay near the center, the school bus service is provided within just a few minutes. You can easily use public transport, either by car or bus, and enjoy your journey.

    different Type for sale in Famagusta:


    No matter where you move to, you will find that it is easy to find homes for sale in the center of Cyprus. There are plenty of opportunities to have your home offered at attractive prices. That’s because Syrians are highly price-sensitive. You can find homes for sale in the center of Cyprus for less than one hundred dollars per square foot.

    But if you want to be close to shopping, the beach, and the airport then it is best to go as close as possible to the center. Or you can go further and spend one thousand dollars per square foot. That is just one-fifth of what you would pay if you were closer to the suburbs.

    There are many advantages to living in Syria and most of them come in the form of homes for sale in Famagusta. People who have been displaced within the country have found a home in a suburb in Lebanon or Jordan.

    Those who stayed in Syria and have now settled in other countries, have found homes for sale in the center of Cyprus to be an excellent option. You will have access to the airport and other vital information about the place such as the train station and the transportation system.

    Homes for sale in Famagusta will include apartments, houses, villas, and houses for rent. No matter what you are looking for, the area has it.

    Famagusta is a beautiful area full of everything you might want to see, do, and experience while exploring the main tourist attractions of the region. You can visit the ancient town, the Great Basilica, the Church of the Holy Apostles, the Museum of Constantine, the Citadel, and the Roman ruins. All of these are just a short drive away.

    Homes for sale in Famagusta Cyprus

    Homes for sale in Famagusta Cyprus

    Most importantly, you can find Homes for sale in Famagusta. The price is right and the location is all there is to see in the area. If you are moving to Syria in the future, then it is important to know about buying homes for sale in the center of Cyprus.